A Winter’s Casual outfit!


This is my go-to outfit for an errands or a normal day in winter. It is just so comfortable and I feel like I can complete all activities in this – you never know when you’re going to have to run for the bus!

Jumper: NewLook $25 and the softest thing I have ever felt. I am so happy in it partly because it reminds me of my pyjamas and also because it is the perfect length. The arm sleeves are cropped meaning you don’t get too hot(a problem I often run into) and it goes down past my waist. I love the colours in it and I like the fact that the it goes with the blue jeans without being too matchy-matchy.

Jeans: okay can we have a couple of minutes to talk about these jeans. Holy moly, never have I found such comfortable jeans in my whole life. I recently wore these on a plane trip – that’s how you know they are really comfy. They are Levis so you do pay the price but I would do it again and again. They give the illusion they are skinny jeans but they don’t fit like that and overall make me want to never take them off. Now that I have expressed my underlying love for these jeans I think we can move on.

Converse: Standard white converse. No mess no fuss just a staple in my cupboard. However, last year I wore mine without socks every time and they started to develop a smell but worry less I picked up a new pair just in time for winter this year. Love them.

Accessories: watch & sunglasses. 2 things I can’t go anywhere without.

I love this outfit so much that I think I need a second pair of everything so I can wear it even when one set is in the wash. Alrighty that’s it. I hope you are all well on whatever corner of the globe you are on.

Good night from rainy Australia.

Hannah xxx


Day 6 – A winter night out


Winter is just around the corner for Australia and lets be honest there isn’t much of a temperature change between Autumn and Winter down here but nonetheless I used it as an excuse to do some shopping. I have managed to put together my perfect winter night out look. Pair it with a blazer? Sure. Do I own a blazer? No. Don’t worry though, it’s at the top of my ever-growing ‘to buy’ list. I love the monochrome look here and I think a bright pink lip is the perfect way to finish it off.

Top: Let me just say I LOVE this top. I ordered it online from Newlook and it is one of those items that is a statement piece in itself even though it is black and white. And it wins the award for first checkered shirt in my wardrobe. Weird, right? Took me long enough to jump on that band wagon. It is like a soft, wetsuit material so quite thick, and perfect for winter.

Jeans: these are just your basic black skinny jeans. An essential piece for any winter wardrobe. I had to purchase a second pair of these just because I wear them so much in winter and at some point they need to be washed and what do I wear when they are in the wash? My second pair. I JUST LOVE JEANS, ok? Cool. I got these ones from Sportsgirl in Australia for $90AUD and I’m sure I could get some cheaper somewhere else but I wanted really soft and comfortable ones and that I did. Side note: I do have to get these altered because I am so small they are too long.

Necklace: Another Newlook purchase. I like the way it sticks with a monochrome these whilst also adding a different layer to the outfit(#fashionwriter)

Shoes:  elegant, classic & classy. 3 brilliant words to define a pair of brilliant shoes. Pair them with anything to dress up an outfit. I love, I die. However, I must wear them somewhere with seating because my tootsies can also die throughout the night. Beauty is pain right ladies? These ones were $50AUD from Bardot.
Watch: I could go on for years about my love for this Marc Jacobs watch. But I won’t. Just know that this is my fave item of jewellery and I wear it all day everyday. It’s like a second skin, that is not waterproof and can smash but looks great.

There we have it, I just wished I had somewhere to wear this outfit. But sadly this exam break is causing me to wear a lot more pyjamas then heels, however I am comfy ALL the time. You win some you loose some right?

Hannah xx