Day 3 – My study survival kit


Now it’s not often that I express my undenying love for something but here I go. As a somewhat dedicated student I can be seen studying for 2-3 hours a night(not because I want to but because I have to, to stay on top of things). I consider myself an easily distracted person so for a while I was in depserate need for something to keep me focussed while doing maths late into the night. I finally found it – and I haven’t looked back since.

8tracks. (

For those of you who don’t know what 8tracks is, it’s a music site. People can go on and post playlists of more then 8 songs(hence the name). They then put these playlists under a category e.g. study, acoustic, chill, sleep etc. So then I can go on there and choose study + calm for a perfect study playlist. And if you’re not happy with the first playlist you see, stress less, there is over 1 million to choose from. They also have an app for the phone meaning you can take your fave playlists anywhere.

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