Knitted for knits


I am SO glad that it’s starting to get colder because it means I can start to whip out these bad boys again. Now who here is obsessed with knit jumpers? *raises hand*. I’m the first to admit that I have a jumper obsession(sweaters for all you non-Aussies out there). I just feel like you can wear the same jeans and boots everyday of the week and by just changing the jumper it changes the whole outfit. These are my current fave knits in my wardrobe but don’t worry this collection will multiply by a factor of 4 throughout the duration of winter.

Light Pink with black ribbon: I love the back of this one, it has a cut out with a ribbon that adds a lovely touch to it. It is one of my lighter jumpers and has knitted detailing throughout it, which I used as an excuse to convince myself that it was different to my second light pink jumper. I do believe it was $30 from Dotti.

Cream jumper: This was $20 from Ally. It is cropped at the bottom so not good for the coldest days as you don’t want your exterior to catch a chill. I love this one with a light wash jeans and my converse. Super comfortable & soft – everything you need in a knitted jumper.

Light pink cropped jumper: THIS IS SO SOFT. Like really soft. This is my newest purchase from Newlook for about $35. It is semi cropped and has gorgeous puffy sleeves that I can’t wait to whip out with my new black skinny jeans.

Blue/yellowy jumper: I bought this one whilst on a trip to Japan during winter so I can assure you it is a warm one. From UNIGLOW, it is one that is a statement piece on its own or can be worn underneath a bigger coat if you’re from the colder countries(trust me, I’m not).

Grey jumper: This was $10 from Factorie – a bargain. It is quite see through, so depending on your audience you may need to wear a shirt underneath. However, it looks great paired with a bright scarf or a necklace.

Mint jumper: my ALL time fave jumper. So warm, so comfortable, so lovely. This colour is incredible and I love the way it can instantly brighten up an outfit. This jumper isn’t going anywhere soon.

There are more in my wardrobe(I’m sorry I have an addiction) but they will be whipped out on another day. I hope this winter stays cold – I want to get as much wear out of these jumpers as possible. See you soon.

Hannah xxx



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