Day 5 – 3 Step Makeup Routine


Hiiiiya! Alright now I don’t want this to sound narcissistic but if I had to choose something positive about my body(#bodyconfidence etc etc) it would be my skin. Let me preface this by saying I wasn’t born with good skin, infact I was born with terrible acne(well not born with it haha can you imagine a baby with acne – I mean I developed it as a teen). But when I was about 13/14 I went on Roaccutane. A drug that dries out your skin to remove pimples. I was only on it for 6 months but it totally did the trick.

So as a result of this I don’t wear foundation, weird for a girl I know. But I just don’t see the need for it and I HATE the feel of it. This does make my makeup routine very minimal and on a day to day basis I am fresh faced. But when I do go out a prefer a statement lip. I find that a statement lip can give the illusion that you are wearing tones of makeup when you’re not? Anyone else feel this? Just me? ok…

Anyway on this particular night I was off to Jason Derulo(don’t judge me, concert was fab). But my makeup routine consisted of 3 steps.


So this was me before makeup – excuse the serious face. I think I was thinking about Jason Derulo naked or something…

Step 1: Concealer


I like to use this Rimmel Match Perfection in the colour soft beige. It has good coverage and lasts the whole night – even without a primer. I only put this on the dark circles around my eyes to even out the colour. Depending on my time I will use my ring finger or the Napoleon Foundation brush. I also enjoy the way it comes out – a squeezy tube, no mess, no fuss.

Step 2: MascaraImage

Maybelline The Falsies, need I say anymore? It’s raved about by bloggers so you know the drill. Big lashes in little time. I love it on my top lashes but I find that sometimes I can tend to over apply on my lower lashes and they start to look like spider legs.But it is waterproof and doesn’t smudge at all! All you need in a mascara.

Step 3: Lips

Lips are my fave fave part. I like to use double lip colours to find a colour that suits me just right. Today I used a Burts Bees Lip Shimmer and Lancome Juicy Tube. My trick to big lips lasting for a night is to blot. I apply the colour then press my lips down on a tissue then apply again. A life saving tip I learnt from my grandma that will stop you from going to apply lipstick even half hour.

Okay, give me a couple of minutes to talk about this Burts Bees product guys. Image

It’s incredible. It smells amazing – like mint and makes me want to use it as a breath freshener(which I don’t, don’t worry). But to way is applies is even more amazing. It’s like you can instantly feel it softening your lips whilst simultaneously giving you a gorgeous
colour. My lips get very dry no matter what lipstick I use so this has been a lifesaver. It has a slight shimmer to it but nothing too noticeable. Now it is quite a dark red so I paired it with this Lancome pink lip gloss to make it more of a softer red.


This lipgloss it sticky so a nightmare when you have your hair down(am I right girls??) but apart from that it is a lovely pink colour which matches perfectly with my red lips. A combo I LOVE!

So here is the completed look. Easy, long lasting & comfortable!


I hope you enjoyed that, lord knows I need to improve on blog pictures but I have a maths exam tomorrow so my priorities are there! I know I did no other eye makeup but I haven’t quite nailed that aspect of my routine. Give me time! Below is a picture of all products used. I hope you all have/had a great day.


Hannah xxx


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