Day 2 – The most beautiful places in the world!

Look, lets paint a picture. One evening procrastinating I stumbled upon this tumblr of the most incredible photos. Naturally, I saved them and made them into a rolling wall paper with each of these pictures coming onto my screen for 1 minute at a time. I mean it really is a recipe for disaster – I’m doing homework then I see one of the pictures and imagine myself being in these places for a good 30 minutes. So I pass my procrastination recipe onto you.

You’re welcome my friends.


Imagine sipping a cup of tea whilst reading a book in this class house!



Make your own rope swing whilst getting some rays #livinlife



I have been here and it is even more beautiful in real life. Would go back in an instant.



I have no words, this looks insane.



Living here(with internet) is the ultimate dream. is there anyway I can make this happen?



So many questions, would your feet not get wet? either way I love it.



But guys how is a place like this even real.



Long walks with my dog in this place is all I need in my life



If/when I go on my honeymoon this is it. All day. As long as there is room service back in the hotel then that’s all I need.



France. Need I say anymore??



It aint easy being weezy – unfortunately my asthma means I can’t go scuba diving but a girl can dream?


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